Mek tribal area,


(villages of Nalca and Kona)




Location:West Papua. New Guinea Island.

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The Mek tribe inhabit a large area located in the central-eastern region of the mountainous region of West-Papua. They are considered to be one of the most populated tribes in this region. Many simple airstrips have been constructed by missionaries here, the most important one being in the village of Nalca. Other villages found in the Mek tribal area is: Eipomek, Kona, M, and Endomen. The Mek tribe border the Ketengban in the east, Yali in the south/west and Kimyal in the south/east.


West Papua

West Papua is the western half of the island of New Guinea, nowdays being Indonesian territory. The eastern part of the Island is the independent country of Papua New Guinea. New Guinea is one of the least explored places on earth (almost) matching the Amazon, and being the second largest island in the world. West Papua alone is home to over 300 tribes and languages. To this day there are tribes that live ina high degree of isolation because of the poor development of infrastructure. Because of this isolation many people livingin the interior of West Papua still show a great variety of old cultural traits. However, Indonesian plans to expand industry and promote nationalism in the region, will for sure have major (cultural) impacts on West Papua in the years to come.



October 2005



The village and airstrip of Nalca.


Traditional Mek settlement in Nalca


The arrival of a missionary airplane (MAF) stirs curiosity.


A village located between Nalca and Kona.


Men and their ornaments in M village.


Kids in M village.


Sister accompanies her little brother outside.


Work starts at an early age in these traditional areas. Here accompanied by their father (not in photo)


Elder wearing his traditional bag made from wooden-bark. He was on a long-houl

trek to a village in the Yali Tribal region, when we met on a forest path.


Their humor was always available.


Cultural war dance in Kona Village.


Mek woman in Kona.


Traditional houses in Kona.


Boy we encountered on a path above Nalca village.


The locals of Kona Village and me.


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