2011 August

Date of photo: 19-21 August 2011.

The Bromo Tengger National park is one of my favorite destinations in Indonesia. The cold climate remind me of home, the many volcanoes fuel my volcano/photography hobby and the spectacular scenic views always make the trip worth.

This was my fifth trip to the area. Since my trip in March, eruptions have stopped at Bromo and it appears to have gone back to the state of continuously emitting gas. It have been quiet since the end of April, and we might have to wait for a while to see another session of eruptions, for a few years maybe if you study its eruptive pattern. This period of low activity on Bromo also gave me the opportunity to visit its crater.


State of Bromo: Repose

Type of activity:Continious gas emissions from Mt. Bromo. Mt. Semuru sent up ash cloudes every 1 hour or so.

bromo_AUG-2011x1 bromo_AUG-2011x2 bromo_AUG-2011x3-0 bromo_AUG-2011x4 bromo_AUG-2011x5 bromo_AUG-2011x6 bromo_AUG-2011x7 bromo_AUG-2011x8 bromo_AUG-2011x8_5 bromo_AUG-2011x9 bromo_AUG-2011x10

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