2014 June

13-15th June 2014

During this visit I spent a lot of time filming and taking photos from my drone. Also had a morning-visit to the top of Mt. Batok.

Activity level remained the same as my visit in May.

Bromo seen from my quad-copter
Bromo seen from the top of Mt. Batok volcano
Semeru Volcano
Bromo seen from the top of mt. Batok volcano

Bromo-aerial-photo-june-2014-(DJI00287) Bromo-photo-june-2014-(IMG_8442) Bromo-photo-june-2014-(IMG_8545) Bromo-photo-june-2014-(IMG_8678) Bromo-photo-june-2014-(IMG_8694) Bromo-photo-june-2014-(IMG_8762)


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