2011 June

25-26 June 2011


Anak Krakatau had not shown much activity since January/February 2011, so I made a trip as fast I got news that it had started had entered a new phase of eruptions. Spent the night on the beach on one of the remaining islands from the old Krakatau, that blew up in 1886. The intervals between the eruptions were between 30min to 4 hours, and during the night I only successfully caught 3. The eruptions with visual lava bombs being thrown out of the crater, only lasted for approximately 10 seconds. Interestingly I also observed local lightning above the crater during the night.

State: Active.

Intervals between eruptions: 30min to 4 hours.

Type of activity: Possible volcanian eruption seen. A few small pyroclastic flows. Lava bombs and volcanic blocks ejected during eruptions. Lightning seen in the ash-plume during night.

Photos: 18 available in format/size: RAW/JPG – 4752 x 3168 pixels. More available upon request.

Krakatoa_jun2011_x1 Krakatoa_jun2011_x2 Krakatoa_jun2011_x3 Krakatoa_jun2011_x4 Krakatoa_jun2011_x5 Krakatoa_jun2011_x6 Krakatoa_jun2011_x7 Krakatoa_jun2011_x8 Krakatoa_jun2011_x9 Krakatoa_jun2011_x10 Krakatoa_jun2011_x11 Krakatoa_jun2011_x12 Krakatoa_jun2011_x13 Krakatoa_jun2011_x14 Krakatoa_jun2011_x16 Krakatoa_jun2011_x17 Krakatoa_jun2011_x18 Krakatoa_jun2011_x19 Krakatoa_jun2011_x20

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