2011 November

12-13th November 2011

Activity on the Anak Krakatau volcano has picked up the last week, so decided to head there on the weekend. Spent one night on Verlaten Island, which is a island situated 1km west of the active Anak Krakatau. Had a magnificent evening with clear weather and a full-moon, a perfect setting for photographing eruptions during the night. I did not sleep a second.

Type of activity: Strombolian eruptions. Intervals of the eruptions varied between 30seconds to a few minutes. The eruptions were low to modestly strong, often accompanied by quite strong sounds from the volcano. Lava bombs ejected by the volcano did not travel far from the crater, as most of the material was ejected straight into the air and fell back into the crater, causing the crater to almost constantly being illuminated by the lava during night, something I have never seen before at Krakatau. No ash emissions.

Photos: 19 available in format/size: RAW/JPG – 4752 x 3168 pixels. 1000+ other photos not presented on this webpage.

anak-krakatau-13november-2011 anak-krakatau-13november-2011x2 anak-krakatau-13november-2011x3 anak-krakatau-13november-2011x4 anak-krakatau-13november-2011x5 anak-krakatau-13november-2011x6 anak-krakatau-13november-2011x7 anak-krakatau-13november-2011x7-5 anak-krakatau-13november-2011x8 anak-krakatau-13november-2011x9 anak-krakatau-13november-2011x10 anak-krakatau-13november-2011x11 anak-krakatau-13november-2011x13 anak-krakatau-13november-2011x14 anak-krakatau-13november-2011x15 anak-krakatau-13november-2011x16 anak-krakatau-13november-2011x17 anak-krakatau-13november-2011x18 anak-krakatau-13november-2011x19 anak-krakatau-13november-2011x20 Anak-Krakatau-Hotspot-08Sep-2011

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