2012 October

6-7th October 2012

Type of activity observed:

Anak Krakatau didn`t produce any eruptions on this visit, one month after my last visit during the big eruption. According to local knowledge, Anak hasn’t erupted since the eruption in September. During this visit it only emitted a weak and irregular plume of steam. During nighttime we observed some small spots of glowing lava, near and on the lava flow on the western flank on the volcano, which during daytime still is steaming.

The most interesting aspect of this visit was to study the new lava-flow. The lava flow that went down both the western and eastern sides of the volcano, left deep scars on both flanks. Media that reported on the September eruption all mentioned the lava flow on the eastern flank, but few mention the significance of the flow on the western flank. It was to my big surprise that the lava flow on the western flank of the volcano was also immense, although not with as big volume as the one on the eastern flank.

Photos: 14 available in format/size: RAW/JPG – 5182 x 3456 pixels in this post. Total of 100+ photos not presented on the website.

Krakatau-volcano-october-2013(IMAG0231--24jun2013-1240) Krakatau-volcano-october-2013(IMG_3157) Krakatau-volcano-october-2013(IMG_3159-3oktober-reading) Krakatau-volcano-october-2013(IMG_3174) Krakatau-volcano-october-2013(IMG_3212) Krakatau-volcano-october-2013(IMG_3226) Krakatau-volcano-october-2013(IMG_3248) Krakatau-volcano-october-2013(IMG_3279) Krakatau-volcano-october-2013(IMG_3348) Krakatau-volcano-october-2013(IMG_3363) Krakatau-volcano-october-2013(IMG_3523) Krakatau-volcano-october-2013(IMG_3596) Krakatau-volcano-october-2013(IMG_3602) Krakatau-volcano-october-2013(IMG_3626) Krakatau-volcano-october-2013(IMG_3713) Krakatau-volcano-october-2013(IMG_3760) Krakatau-volcano-october-2013(IMG_3823)


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