Penanggungan volcano is a small stratovolcano constructed immediately north of the Arjuno-Welirang massif, west of the Tengger caldera. It is 1653m in height and is considered a extinct volcano.

February 2017

Indonesia Java LUSI Sidoarjo Mudflow Lumpur Aerial 2017
Clear morning views of the mudflow. You can clearly see the crater of the mudvolcano. In the background you see Penanggungan volcano and the volcano of Arjuna-Welirang further behind.

Indonesia Java LUSI Sidoarjo Mudflow Lumpur Aerial 2017

August 2017

Arjuna-welirang, Penanggungan, surabaya city, 2017, volcano, indonesia
Surabaya city and 3 volcanoes in the background. The twin volcano Arjuna-welirang (back) and the smaller and extinct Penanggungan volcano in the front (August 2017)

December 2014



26th May 2014


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