Segara Wedi (Tengger Caldera)

Segara Wedi*  is a post-caldera cone located in the Tengger Caldera, East-Java, Indonesia. The cone is likely extinct, and is located immidiately S/SW of the active cone of Bromo. Segera Wedi last erupted in 0330 ± 50 years, according to radiocarbon (uncorrected) information made available at the Global Volcanism Program.

*The crater is sometimes also referred to as Segera Wedi Lor/Segera Wedi Kidul. I`ve not been able to establish what is the official name for the crater, however `Segara Wedi` seem to be the most used.

Read more about the Tengger Caldera at the Global Volcanism Program


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Segero Wedi Lor aerial tengger 2018
Bromo seen from above the Segero Wedi crater (15th December)
Aerial Bromo September 2018
3. Crater of Bromo with the older Segera Wedi crater immidiatly behind it.
Segero Wedi Bromo Indonesia 2018 crater
10. Aerial view of Segero Wedi crater.
Bromo Tengger Indonesia 2017 aerial view java
The Segero Wedi. It is now the rainy season, and you may notice a body of water have formed in the back of the crater. Who knows, in the future this crater may turn into a crater lake? (20th February)


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