Bromo- and the Tengger Caldera volcano trip

The 16-km-wide Tengger caldera is located at the northern end of a volcanic massif extending from Semeru volcano. The massive Tengger volcanic complex dates back to about 820,000 years ago and consists of five overlapping stratovolcanoes, each truncated by a caldera. Lava domes, pyroclastic cones, and a maar occupy the flanks of the massif. The Ngadisari caldera at the NE end of the complex formed about 150,000 years ago and is now drained through the Sapikerep valley.

The most recent of the Tengger calderas is the 9 x 10 km wide Sandsea caldera at the SW end of the complex, which formed incrementally during the late Pleistocene and early Holocene. An overlapping cluster of post-caldera cones was constructed on the floor of the Sandsea caldera within the past several thousand years. The youngest of these is Bromo, one of Java’s most active and most frequently visited volcanoes.

Current Activity 

(*Updated 16th February 2017)

The latest eruptive phase of Bromo started in December 2015. The eruptive activity was in the beginning dominated by the ejection of ash and lapili. In late January and February 2016 the activity increased and larger explosions were seem, sometimes accompanied by the ejection of lava-bombs/blocks, loud eruption/rumbling sounds and shock-waves. In the first quarter of 2016 there were also days when strong crater-glow was seen above the crater at night. During the third quarter of 2016, activity decreased, and only periods of ash-venting was present between periods of calm. During November 2016, the eruptive activity seemed to have ended and the volcano has not seen any clear signs of eruptive acitivity since. At present time Bromo is emitting a low-medium strong degassing plume.

Note: The last eruption (eruptive-phase) of Bromo seem to have ended. It lasted from December 2015 until November 2016.

Bromo Tengger volcano Map East-java Indonesia

The objective of these trips are volcano observation of Bromo, and seeing the Tengger caldera.  I arrange these tours on a hobby basis, in order finance my own study- and photography of the area. I only arrange overnight trips, and not daytrips.

Depending on the activity of Bromo, a trip to the crater rim of Bromo is a must. Hiking on the Tengger caldera rim is also a great way to see the area from different perspectives, as well as viewing the villages and gardens of the local Tenggerese people. In the morning, there are several places where we can view a scenic sunrise, where sunlight will slowly light up the volcanoes of the caldera and the great Semeru volcano further SE, the tallest peak of Java. If the sky is clear, the nightsky is almost light-pollution-free over the Tengger Caldera, and viewing of stars and planets is easy.

The area provides many opportunities for photography, and as a photographer its a must-visit, if in Indonesia. Im also a so-called experienced photographer, and knows my way with the camera both day and night, and I will share my experience and methods if you need assistance.

On a trip to the Tengger Caldera, we will normally meet and depart from Surabaya or Jakarta.  With our private airconditioned car we will drive to the village of Cemara Lawang, that is located on the rim of the Tengger Caldera (+/- 3,5 hours). On arrival in Cemara Lawang we will check in to our hotel, that has a scenic view of the Caldera itself, and Bromo.

I hold knowledge of the current volcanic-activity at Bromo, and the historical facts known about the geological history of the Tengger Caldera. I have almost 10 year`s experience in travelling and living in Indonesia and speak the Indonesian language. I will do my best to give you a good insight on the volcano.  My approach towards the volcano is highly conservative and I will oversee that the safety aspects on the trip is taken care of, this is priority.

To give you an visual idea of the setup of the trips I arrange (location, meals etc.), please visit this site to see relevant photos: click here. (coming soon)

Please check my Tengger Caldera/Bromo photos for a glimpse of what the area has to offer, and to get a update on the volcanic activity of the Bromo volcano: here



2 Days 1 Night Price per


(in IDR)

  3 Days 2 Nights Price per


(in IDR)

1 person 5.500.000 1 person 7.200.000
2 person 3.100.000 2 person 3.950.000
3 person 2.400.000 3 person 2.750.000
4 person 1.800.000 4 person 2.300.000

The prices  include:

-Transport to/from Surabaya in private car.

-Hotel room (basic accomodation, as this is the only standard available in this area)

-All meals and drinks provided during the trip (you order I pay) , except alkoholic beverages (you order, you pay).  

-Entrance fee.

Important Note: Prices in the list above are based on 2 person share hotel-room practise, except the 1 person price. If you are 2 persons and want 2 rooms, you will need to add 600.000idr to your price per day, and so on.



– Prices are quoted and payable in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR).

– Returning customers get a free bottle of red wine on the house.


Schedule Nights Availability
On request 1-3  January-December 2016.


Things to prepare for the trip:


– Comfortable walking shoes.

– Cash (there is no ATM in the area)

– Sunscreen and sunglasses.

– Flashlight.

– Camera equipment, tripod, batteries

– Alcoholic beverages. (can be pre-ordered with me, like a bottle of wine)



For booking-requests and questions, please send me an email in good time before the trip (minimum 2 weeks.)

When making a booking-request, please send me the following information:

  1. Name, age and citzenship of guests intending to join the trip.
  2. Date of travel.
  3. Any other requests

Thereafter, an deposit of 2.000.000IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) (or other currencies equivliant) should be paid to be able to confirm the booking. I normally only accept PAYPAL. The deposit is used to book the means of transportation, and should be paid at least 14 days before the departure date and are payable by paypal, or by person in Jakarta. The remaining amount is payable in Indonesian Rupiah on the start of the trip.

After an deposit is made and the tour is confirmed, please inform me: 

– The address of where to pick you up on the date of departure. (In Surabaya)

– Do you want a general tour or do you want a special focus on your trip? (Volcano photography, night photography or hiking?)

– Any food allergies/food of preferance (we serve mostly seafood and Indonesian food)

– Any other information that may be relevant.

Important notes:

In the case of a cancellation by the customer, the deposit is considered lost.   In the case of a cancellation of the tour by me, before the departure date, the deposit will ofcourse be fully refunded.



Please contact me on my email if you want to book a trip or need more information.


Phone/sms:+62 813 1792 8800

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