The moon

The Moon (Latin: Luna) is Earth’s only natural satellite. It is one of the largest natural satellites in the Solar System, and, among planetary satellites, the largest relative to the size of the planet it orbits (its primary) It is the second-densest satellite among those whose densities are known (after Jupiter’s satellite Io).

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Full moon seen from Jakarta 29th March 2021
22° Halo Moon Jakarta Indonesia 2019
A 22° halo / moon-ring around the Moon. Halos are produced by light (from for example the moon) interacting with ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere. Photo captured in Jakarta, Indonesia. (20th March 2019)
SuperBlueBloodMoon 2018 Jakart Indonesia Java Lunar Eclipse
SuperBlueBloodMoon seen from Jakarta, Indonesia – at 20:59 local time on the 31th January 2018
partial lunar moon eclipse 2017 Indonesia Jakarta photography
Partial Lunar Eclipse (25%). Location: Jakarta, Indonesia. (8th August 2017, 01:18 Local time)
Waxing Crescent moon Jakarta Indonesia 2016
Waxing Crescent moon, 9th July 2016, from Jakarta, Indonesia
Moon Full moon Bromo Indonesia 2015 close up
Full moon seen from the Tengger Caldera in Indonesia on the 1th August 2015.
orang moon moonrise tengger caldera bromo Indonesia
Moon low on the horizon, and appears orange in color. The reason for the orange color is due to the scattering of light by the atmosphere. When the moon is near the horizon, the moonlight must pass through much more atmosphere than when the moon is directly overhead.
August 2014
August 2014
Lunar eclipse 2011 Jakarta Indonesia
Progress of a Lunar Eclipse. 15th June 2011. Location: Jakarta, Indonesia