Batok (Tengger Caldera)

Batok is a post-caldera cone located in the Tengger Caldera, East-Java, Indonesia. The cone is likely extinct, and is located immidiately NW of the active cone of Bromo. 

Read more about the Tengger Caldera at the Global Volcanism Program


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Summit of Batok
Aerial from above the Batok cone and Bromo in the background.
Two dust devils in front of Batok.
Batok Bromo Tengger Indonesia Eruption Volcano April 2016
One of the other volcanic cones in the Tengger Caldera, Batok. Bromo is situated behind Batok.

Aerial Batok Volcano Tengger Indonesia

Batok volcano gunung Bromo Tengger Volcano Eruption October 2016 Indonesia
The Batok volcanic cone.
Bromo Volcano Indonesia Java Tengger 2017
The Batok cone seen from inside the riverbed.(18th February)
Batok volcano dji aerial 2017
The summit of the extinct Batok volcanic cone.

Bromo Batok volcano tengger Indonesia java DJI phantom 2017 aerial

Bromo Indonesia Volcano July August 2017 DJI Aerial
Bromo August 2018 volcano tengger east-java photography
Nice colors in the afternoon, Bromo to the left and Batok volcano to the right.
Batok Aerial Bromo September 2018
Batok Aerial Bromo September 2018
Batok volcano Tengger Indonesia 2018
Aerial of the summit of Batok volcano (15th December)
Bromo seen from the summit of Batok
Semeru volcano seen from the summit of Batok