Bledug Detil Mud Volcano (Grobogan, Central-Java)

Published: 15th August 2019

Type of volcano: Mudvolcano

Location: Grobogan, Central-Java, Indonesia.

When I arrived in the area I did not know of the presence of this mudvolcano, as I only noticed it when visiting the neighboring ` Bledug Banjar. Their locations are only a couple hundred meters apart. The locals I met called this mudvolcano `Bledug Detil`.  It is located within a village between two houses. On closer inspection, I could see that the slow outflow of mud have shaped the mudflow into a shield structure. Quite liquid mud and water was present on the top of it. Bubbles of mud rose trough the two central pools located at the center/top. The floor of the mudvolcano had patches of salt grains.  Bledug Detil have the looks of being a rather recent mud flow. 


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8th August 2019

Photo 1. Bledug Detil seen from the South.
Photo 2. Detil seen from above. For me it looks like the mudflow appears to be new in nature.
Photo 3. The mudflow has a shield like structure, with a rather liquid mud pouring out from the top of it.
Photo 4.
Photo 5.
Photo 6. Bubbles rose trough the mud almost every few second.
Photo 7.
Photo 8.