2012 August

17-20 August 2012


Returned to the Tengger caldera, after being absent for almost one year. The dry season has set and the weather was clear for the whole 3 day stay. Since August last year it is noticeable that the activity has decreased at Bromo, the gas plumes were only sporadic, and never rose to an altitude of more than 100ft. The crater holds an small Turquoise-colored acid lake now.

As an effect of the dry season, the area haven’t seen much rainfall the last few months, and the dry crater walls of Bromo sometimes releases small landslides, which sometimes ends up in the lake – creating a quite unique bang-sound, because of the echo. During the many visits to the crater on this trip, this sound came as an surprise for many of the tourists that had made it to the crater – some of them who were unaware of the small landslide that had happened – were seen running down the crater, as if the volcano was about to erupt..!! 🙂

Type of activity: New crater Lake in the Bromo Crater. Some gas emissions from Mt. Bromo, reaching not more than 100ft above the cone. Mt. Semeru sent up small ash clouds every 30 hour or so.



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