Gunung Pandak Mudvolcano (Probolinggo, East-Java)

Published: 25th September 2019


Gunung Pandak (also known locally as ‘Bukit Bentar’) mud Volcano is located in the regency of Probolinggo in East-Java, a few kilometers outside the city center of the city of Probolinggo. The mudvolcano has a shape of a shield, as the central part of the field is more elevated. Gunung Pandak not currently active and the whole field seems dry. I have not found any meaningful information on recent activity there.

A source familiar of the area told me the soil around the mudvolcano is somewhat unstabile, and cracks often appeared in the concrete of buildings, as a result.


Gunung Pandak seen from the North.
Aerial photo of Pandak showing its location in the middle of farmlands and villages. In the background of the first photo, the 1651m high stratovolcano Lamongan is visible.