Ijen caldera, Ijen crater lake and the cones of the caldera – East Java, Indonesia

Published: 29th October 2021

Visited Ijen volcano in East Java again on the 27th October. My main objective from the visit was to explore some of the cones of the Ijen (Kendeng) caldera. A bonus was some aerial shots of the crater lake. Weather was overcast in the morning and thunderstorm with rain in the afternoon.


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27th October 2021


Photo 1.
Photo 2.
Photo 3.
Photo 4. One of the cones of the caldera, which have 2 forested craters.
Photo 5.
Photo 6.
Photo 7.
Photo 8.
Photo 9. Caldera floor and northern wall. A cone can also be seen on the middle-right side of the photo.
Photo 10. Cones in the distance, and the eastern part of the caldera wall.
Photo 11. I think this cone is named Kawah Wurung.
Photo 12. Kawah Wurung
Photo 13. Vegetated crater of Kawah wurung.
Photo 14. Unnamed cone.
Photo 15. Unnamed partially collapsed cone.