Kelud Volcano Indonesia MAp

Type of volcano: Stratovolcano.

Location: East Java, Indonesia

Altitude: 1731m.


Kelud located in East Java on Java in Indonesia. Kelud is known for large explosive eruptions throughout its history. More than 30 eruptions have occurred since 1000 AD. The Volcano contains a summit crater lake that has been the source of some of Indonesia’s most deadly eruptions. A cluster of summit lava domes cut by numerous craters has given the summit a very irregular profile. Satellitic cones and lava domes are also located low on the eastern, western, and SSW flanks.

A lava dome rose through the center of the crater lake during a period of activity in 2007-2011.

On the 13th February 2014 Kelud erupted again. The climax of the eruption lasted for no more than 4 hours and displaced the lava dome.

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