Krakatau volcano – October 2022

Pictures taken from the coast of Sumatra 30-31th October 2022. Weather conditions were good therefore had a chance to observe the volcano for a few hours each day. No eruptive activity was seen, only minor degassing plumes were seen.

30-31th October 

Krakatau volcano 2022
Sunset over the Sunda Strait, as seen from Sumatra. Krakatau can be seen to the right  of the photo. The island of Sebesi in the middle and Subuku to the right.
Rakata standing tall in the afternoon. Parts of Lang (Panjang) Island can be seen to the right of Rakata.
Anak-Krakatau in the middle.

A ship passes in front and between Anak-Krakatau and Verlaten (Sertung) Island.

Krakatau volcano 2022