2011 August

13th August 2011

Revisited “the Anak”, as my Indonesian friend Sam, who often accompany me to the Volcano, usually calls it. “Anak” being the Indonesian word for child, it really is growing in size. I can now really see that a lot of mass have been added since January. The majority of ejected material still falls down on the southern flank, although some material obviously end up on the other side’s as well.

During this visit, Anak Krakatau wasn’t emitting anything but gas. This gave me the opportunity to visit the island itself. I came ashore on the eastern side of the island, but only ventured a few tens of meters in front of the forested area. I had reports that it had just recently stopped with its normal strombolian eruptions, and didn’t want to risk anything, having the explosive eruptions in June fresh in memory. On the eastern side I observed many recently ejected lava blocks and some lava bombs.

Photos: 19 available in format/size: RAW/JPG – 4752 x 3168 pixels.

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