2012 February

12-13th February 2012

Visited Krakatau for the second time in 2012 on my monthly trip to the volcano.

Regarding the status of the volcano, the Indonesian Volcanological Survey (PVMBG) downgraded the alert level from 3 out of 4 to 2 out of 4 on the 26th January. The reason is the reduced frequency of shallow volcanic earthquakes during the last 2 months. However on this trip to Krakatau I observed medium to heavy venting from the crater and fumarolic activity, at some higher levels than last month.

Type of activity observed: Continuous steam/gas emissions reaching 100-500m. in height. Activity caused the crater to be illuminated by lava at night. No eruptions. More information about the status of the volcano during the period of observation can be found in the weekly status report.

Photos: 21 available in format/size: RAW/JPG – 5182 x 3456 pixels in this post. Total of 400+ photos not presented on the website.

Anak-Krakatau-Feb2012-photo1 Anak-Krakatau-Feb2012-photo2 Anak-Krakatau-Feb2012-photo3 Anak-Krakatau-Feb2012-photo3-1 Anak-Krakatau-Feb2012-photo4 Anak-Krakatau-Feb2012-photo5 Anak-Krakatau-Feb2012-photo6 Anak-Krakatau-Feb2012-photo7 Anak-Krakatau-Feb2012-photo8 Anak-Krakatau-Feb2012-photo9 Anak-Krakatau-Feb2012-photo10 Anak-Krakatau-Feb2012-photo11 Anak-Krakatau-Feb2012-photo12 Anak-Krakatau-Feb2012-photo13 Anak-Krakatau-Feb2012-photo14 Anak-Krakatau-Feb2012-photo15 Anak-Krakatau-Feb2012-photo16 Anak-Krakatau-Feb2012-photo17 Anak-Krakatau-Feb2012-photo18 Anak-Krakatau-Feb2012-photo19 Anak-Krakatau-Feb2012-photo20 Anak-Krakatau-Feb2012-photo21