2012 January

8th January 2012


Visited Krakatau briefly on Sunday 8th January on what should have been a overnight trip but what ended up on being a short 3 hour visit. The earthquake swarm at Krakatau that started in the end of September, which peaked with 5-6000 shallow earthquakes a day in October/November is now at a level of 3-400. I observed minor strombolian activity on my visit on the night on 13th November, but on this visit I observed no such activity. Locals in the area confirmed no activity in the last weeks. Additionally according to the MODIS thermal monitoring of global hotspots system, there have been no hotspot activity at krakatau since the 28th of November 2011. However, remembering the large earthquake swarm seen a couple of month back and the heavy venting seen at Krakatau at the moment, activity will most likely pick up soon.

Because of the short period of the visit and me having to plan for the return to Java, trough un-predictable weather and heavy seas of the rainy season, there was not much time for photography on this trip.

Type of activity: Continuous steam/gas emissions reaching 100-200m. in height.

Photos: 6 available in format/size: RAW/JPG – 5182 x 3456 pixels.

Bootsmansrots_8jan-2012 Krakatau_8january-2012 Krakatau_8january-2012x1 Krakatau_8january-2012x3 Krakatau_8january-2012x4 Krakatau_8january-2012x5