2013 June

7-8th June 2013

Type of activity observed:

Visited the Krakatau observatory on the 7th June, before visiting the volcano. Seismic levels have been low the past week, the lowest the observatory have recorded in at least a year.

Krakatau, according to my knowledge, hasn`t erupted since March earlier this year. My remote camera stationed at Krakatau did not capture any eruptive activity during April, May and the first week of June. Remote photography is still ongoing.

Visual observation at Krakatau showed a steady plume of gas emitted, and the southern part of the crater had a faint red-glow, only visible during night, but hardly observable with the eyes and mostly only recognized on long exposure photos. Generally the visual observations observed remained the same as during my visit in April and May.

Photos: 15 available in format/size: RAW/JPG – 5182 x 3456 pixels in this post. Total of 500+ photos not presented on the website.Krakatau-volcano-june-2013(IMG_3387 Krakatau-volcano-june-2013(IMG_3400) Krakatau-volcano-june-2013(IMG_3406) Krakatau-volcano-june-2013(IMG_3420) Krakatau-volcano-june-2013(IMG_3459 Krakatau-volcano-june-2013(IMG_3466) Krakatau-volcano-june-2013(IMG_5575) Krakatau-volcano-june-2013(IMG_5584 Krakatau-volcano-june-2013(IMG_5628jpg Krakatau-volcano-june-2013(IMG_5647 Krakatau-volcano-june-2013(IMG_5699 Krakatau-volcano-june-2013(IMG_5837) Krakatau-volcano-june-2013(IMG_5894 Krakatau-volcano-june-2013(IMG_6081 Krakatau-volcano-june-2013(IMG_6192