2013 May

11-12th May 2013


Type of activity observed:

Krakatau, according to my knowledge, hasn`t erupted since March earlier this year. My remote camera stationed at Krakatau did not capture any eruptive activity during the last month either.

Visited the Krakatau observatory on the 11th before my visit. Seismic levels were low, the lowest the observatory have seen in months. See a photo of the seismic reading of 10th May 2013 below.

Visual observation at Krakatau showed a steady plume of gas emitted, and the southern part of the crater had a faint red-glow, only visible during night, but hardly observable with the eyes and mostly only recognized on long exposure photos.

Because of the low seismic levels at Krakatau at the moment, I allowed myself and the group I was visiting the volcano with, to have a closer look at some of the material ejected during the recent eruptions of Anak Krakatau.

Photos: 14 available in format/size: RAW/JPG – 5182 x 3456 pixels in this post. Total of 500+ photos not presented on the website.

Krakatau-May-2013-(IMG_3736) Krakatau-May-2013-(IMG_3820) Krakatau-May-2013-(IMG_3961) Krakatau-May-2013-(IMG_3969) Krakatau-May-2013-(IMG_3974) Krakatau-May-2013-(IMG_4011) Krakatau-May-2013-(IMG_4013) Krakatau-May-2013-(IMG_4032) Krakatau-May-2013-(IMG_4057) Krakatau-May-2013-(IMG_4158) Krakatau-May-2013-(IMG_4232) Krakatau-May-2013-(IMG_4318) Krakatau-May-2013-(IMG_4332) Krakatau-May-2013-(IMG_4375) Krakatau-May-2013-(IMG_4434)