2014 June

Type of activity observed:

Krakatau, according to my knowledge, hasn`t erupted since 2013. During this visit a modest steam plume was observed from Anak Krakatau, but no new evidence of any recent eruptions. I also had the chance to fly my drone (Phantom) over Anak-Krakatau, and took some decent photos of the top area, however the plume obscured views directly into the crater area.

Photos: 14 available in format/size: RAW/JPG – 5182 x 3456 pixels in this post. Total of 150+ photos not presented on the website.

Krakatau-volcano-june-2014-aerial-(DJI00238)Photo taken with a Phantom 2 droneKrakatau-volcano-june-2014-aerial-(DJI00211) Krakatau-volcano-june-2014-aerial-(DJI00209) Krakatau-volcano-june-2014-aerial-(DJI00205)   Looking down onto the lava flow of 2012.

Krakatau-volcano-june-2014-aerial-(DJI00196) Krakatau-volcano-june-2014(IMG_8181) Krakatau-volcano-june-2014-aerial-(DJI00190) Krakatau-volcano-june-2014-aerial-(DJI00185) Krakatau-volcano-june-2014-aerial-(DJI00177) Krakatau-volcano-june-2014(IMG_8238) Krakatau-volcano-june-2014(IMG_8158) Krakatau-volcano-june-2014(IMG_8149) Krakatau-volcano-june-2014(IMG_8128)

krakatau 2014 june indonesia
krakatau 2014 june indonesia