Lawu Volcano (Central Java, Indonesia)

The massive compound stratovolcano Lawu contains an older, deeply eroded volcano on the north separated by a crescentic rift valley from the younger Lawu volcano of Holocene age (van Bemmelen, 1949b). Parasitic crater lakes and pyroclastic cones are found at the eastern side of the rift. The younger Lawu volcano contains eroded crater rims; its latest activity, including construction of a lava dome, occurred at the south end. A fumarolic area is located on the south flank at 2550 m. The only reported historical eruption from Lawu took place in 1885, when rumblings and light ashfall were reported. 

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Lawu volcano Yogyakarta
Sunrise over Lawu volcano seen from Yogyakarta.


Lawu volcano, as seen from the Tengger caldera around 190km away. The town of Batu Malang can be seen in the forground. (September 2021)
Lawu volcano seen from the West (Merapi volcano)


Lawu volcano seen from the North.



Lawu Volcano seen from the summit of Merapi volcano.