Merapi volcano, Central Java 29-30th April 2021

Published: 02th May 2021


Activity of the Volcano:

Observed Merapi from a distance of 5km southwest of the volcano, for several hours on the 29-30th April. Weather conditions: mostly cloudy conditions.

The frequency of rockfall events from the 2021 lava dome seemed like it was on the same level as my visit earlier in April 2021. On the evening of the 29th April at 21:12 local time I witnessed a pyroclastic flow that decended 2000m down the flank (confirmed on twitter by BPPTKG). Conditions were cloudy, so I only could see the faint glow of the lava through the clouds. The sound of the rocks making it way the flank however could be heard very clear, and lasted for around 20-30 seconds. On the early morning of 30th April a thick steam plume was emitted from the central crater area (see photo no.6)

The 2021 lava dome on the SW flank has a volume of 1.034.800 m3 (as of 16th April 2021) according to BPPTKG.

5 km restriction zone is currently in place for Merapi volcano, according to Indonesian Authorities BPPTKG, The Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation, Geological Agency. The volcano is as of today 2nd of Mayl still on alert level III.


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29-30 April 2021

Photo 1. Zoom towards the 2021 lava dome on the upper SW flank of Merapi
Photo 2.
Photo 3. Rockfall from the lava dome
Photo 4.
Photo 5.
Photo 6. Rockfall from the lava dome and a steady steam plume rising from the central crater.