Old lava domes of Wayang Windu (Kawah Wayang, Kawah Burung)

Published: 20th August 2019

Wayang-Windu is a series of andesitic lava domes about 30 km S of Bandung and immediately S of Malabar volcano. Both Gunung Wayang and Gunung Windu (also known as Kahuru, locally) have fumarolic areas. The fumarolic area at Windu is named `Kawah Burung` and at Wayang, `Kawah Wayang` Read more about Wayang Windu at the Global Volcanism Program.

Location: Bandung Regency, West-Java, Indonesia.


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18th August

Photo 0. Wayang-Windu seen from the West. Wayang is the two domes to the left, and Windu (also called Kahuru) to the right. The white steam plume in the foreground, comes from a Geothermal plant.
Photo 1. Wayang fumarolic area is located on the flank of Wayang. This aerial photo is taken from the West looking East.
Photo 2.
Photo 4. Some fumarolic activity can be seen on some spots. The fumarolic area is approximately 200m long.
Photo 5.
Photo 6.
Photo 7.
Photo 8.
Photo 9.
Photo 10. One of the peaks of Wayang.
Photo 11.
Photo 12. Aerial photo from above gunung Wayang, looking East. In the background a group of overlapping stratovolcanoes can be seen, incl. the historically active Guntur volcano. In the far background is the highest volcano in West-Java, Ciremai, 95km away.
Photo 13. Windu (Kawah Burung) fumarolic area, located on the lower flank of Windu.
Photo 14. No fumarolic activity was seen on Kawah Burung on my aerial photos.
Photo 15.
Photo 16.
Photo 17.
Photo 18.
Photo 19.
Photo 20.
Photo 21.
Photo 22.
Photo 23.
Photo 24. Exposed rock side on Windu. Maybe a scar from a landslide?
Photo 25.
Photo 26. Windu seen from the summit of Wayang. looking from North to South direction.
Photo 27. Hill below Windu.