Location: East Java

Elevation: 1653m

Gunung Penanggungan, one of Java’s most revered mountains, is a small stratovolcano immediately north of the Arjuno-Welirang massif. Numerous ruins of sanctuaries, monuments, and sacred bathing places dating from 977-1511 CE are found on the northern and western flanks. Lava flows from flank vents descend to all sides and pyroclastic-flow deposits form an apron around it. It was mapped as similar in age to Arjuno-Welirang and Semeru volcanoes by van Bemmelen (1937). Considered to be extinct for at least 1000 years, its last eruption may have occurred about 200 CE. (source: Global Volcanism Program)


September 2021

Arjuna Welirang and Pananggungan as seen from the Lumpur Sidoarjo mudvolcano. September 2021.
Pananggungan as seen from the Tengger Caldera, September 2021

February 2017

Indonesia Java LUSI Sidoarjo Mudflow Lumpur Aerial 2017
Clear morning views of the mudflow. You can clearly see the crater of the mudvolcano. In the background you see Penanggungan volcano and the volcano of Arjuna-Welirang further behind.

Indonesia Java LUSI Sidoarjo Mudflow Lumpur Aerial 2017

August 2017

Arjuna-welirang, Penanggungan, surabaya city, 2017, volcano, indonesia
Surabaya city and 3 volcanoes in the background. The twin volcano Arjuna-welirang (back) and the smaller and extinct Penanggungan volcano in the front (August 2017)

December 2014



26th May 2014