Volcanoes of Indonesia – Satellite images (Sentinel) 2020

All Images obtained and rendered from Sentinel imagery hub. Images are not for sale and are the property of the Copernicus programme.


Agung Volcano, Bali

31th July 2020
25th August 2020
30th August 2020
4th September 2020
14th September 2020
19th september
24th September 2020

Baluran Volcano, East Java

Satellite image of Baluran volcano in East Java. The volcano is 1247m tall and contains a broad horseshoe-shaped crater breached to the NE. Last eruption unknown. 27th September.

Batur Caldera, Bali

25th August 2020
14th September 2020

Batu Tara Volcano (pulau Kumba), Flores

Batu Tara (also known as Pulau Kumba) in the Flores Sea. Its last eruptive period was from 2007 to 2015. It now looks calm judging from the image from 31st August 2020
15th September 2020


Buyan-Bratan Caldera, Bali

Buyan-Bratan caldera on the 25th August 2020

Dieng Volcanic Complex (Dieng Plateau), Java

8th September 2020. In the image many volcanic features can be easily spotted, as the Telaga Warna crater lakes, Merdada crater lake, Telaga Dringo and Bisma volcano.

Egon volcano, Flores

3rd September 2020

Gede-Pangrango volcanoes, Java

The twin volcano of Gede-Pangrango on the 27th August 2020

Gunungapi Wetar, Banda sea

The remote Gunungapi Wetar volcano in the Banda Sea. The small circular island reaches only 282m above the sea surface but is the summit of a massive stratovolcano that towers 5000m above the sea floor. Explosive eruptions in 1512 and 1699 mark the only known historical activity of Gunungapi Wetar. Image of 22nd September 2020.

Ijen Volcano, East Java

17th September 2020.
17th October 2020

Iya volcano, Flores

Iya volcano in located on the Southern part of the peninsula on the image. Ende city and its airport is located North of it. Image of 18th September 2020

Krakatau Volcano, Sunda Strait

Krakatau volcano 23th January 2020
Krakatau Volcano image captured 17th February 2020
Krakatau volcano 22nd May 2020
Krakatau 2nd August 2020
Krakatau 10th August.
17th August 2020
22nd August 2020
27th August 2020
30th August 2020
30th August 2020
6th September 2020
16th September 2020
19th September 2020
16th September 2020
21st September 2020
1st October 2020.

Ili Boleng volcano, Adonara Island, Flores

10th Setepmber 2020

Inerie Volcano, Flores

Inierie volcano – the highest volcano on Flores Island,
13th September 2020

Kelimutu volcano, Flores

The three summit crater lakes of Kelimutu volcano. 3rd September 2020


Kelut volcano, Java

Kelut volcano, currently holding a crater lake. 15th September 2020.

Lewotobi volcano, Flores

The Lewotobi “husband and wife” twin volcano in Flores Island, Indonesia is composed of the Lewotobi Lakilaki and Lewotobi Perempuan stratovolcanoes. Their summits are less than 2 km apart along a NW-SE line. Image captured 31st August 2020.
10th Setepmber 2020

Lewotolo Volcano, Flores

Lewotolo volcano in East Nusa Tenggara🇮🇩 today 31st August. The volcano is 1423m tall. Historical eruptions, recorded since 1660, have consisted of explosive activity from the summit crater.

Lusi (Lumpur Sidoarjo) mudvolcano, East Java

Satellite image of the Lumpur Sidoarjo Mudvolcano in East Java, Indonesia
27th September. The Sidoarjo mudflow started in 2006, and is said to be one of the biggest in the world.

Maninjau caldera, West Sumatra

The large Maninjau caldera in West Sumatra, Indonesia – captured on the 27th June. The elongated caldera, filled by a lake, was formed during three Pleistocene eruptive episodes, according to the Global Volcanism Program

Merapi Volcano, Central Java

Merapi Volcano captured 13th April 2020
26th August 2020
15th September 2020

Paluweh volcano (Rokatenda), Flores

Image of 3rd September 2020
13th September

Raung Volcano, East Java

Raung Volcano 10th May 2020
Satellite image raung volcano 2020
Satelite image of the caldera of #Raung volcano in East Java, #Indonesia on the 19th July 2020. A thermal anomaly is present on a cone within its broad caldera. The alert status of Raung was increased to Level 2 on the 17th July 2020, and volcanic activity have been on the increase.
3rd August 2020. A thermal anomaly is still present at the same spot as the last Sentinel image from the 19th, above.
12 September 2020
17th September
27th September 2020
12th October 2020

Rinjani volcano, Lombok

A great view over the Segara Anak caldera on the Rinjani volcano in Lombok, Indonesia on the 31st July. In the middle of the caldera you can see a cone named Barujari, that recently eruped as late as in 2016.
25th August 2020
19th September 2020

Sangeang Api, West Nusa Tenggara

Sangeang Api, sateliite, image, 2020, sumbawa
Sangeang Api volcano, one of the most active in the Lesser Sunda Islands, forms a small 13-km-wide island off the NE coast of Sumbawa Island.

Semeru Volcano, East Java

Semeru volcano on the 18th August
12 September 2020
27th September 2020
Semeru, satellite, image, october 2020
2nd October 2020

Sindoro Volcano, Central Java

Sindoro (left) and Sumbing (right), photo aquired 24th August 2020

Slamet Volcano, Central Java


Summit of Slamet Volcano in Central Java. Image aquired 24th August 2020
8th September 2020
28th September 2020.

Sumbing volcano, Central Java

Sindoro (left) and Sumbing (right), photo aquired 24th August 2020

Tambora Volcano, Sumbawa

Tambora volcano in Indonesia captured on the 18th June 2020. The Caldera is 6km wide.
Satelite image of Tambora volcano in Indonesia on the 28th July. A couple of small forest fires can also be seen ongoing on the NW- and NE flank of the caldera.
26th September
Tambora shrouded in clouds, 6th October 2020



Tengger Caldera and Bromo Volcano, East Java

Tengger Caldera 10th May 2020
The Tengger Caldera in East Java captured on the 9th June 2020
Satelite image of the Tengger Caldera and #Bromo volcano in East Java on the 9th July. I have marked Bromo with an X in case someone doesnt know where to look.
18th August 2020
7th September 2020
13th September 2020
27th September 2020
2nd October 2020