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  • New site up and running

    After a couple of weeks of hard work, I have now transferred all old content of my old website into this new layout, meaning that my photography portofolio is mostly up to date.

    In addition to the previous content, I have also added a menu-section named: `Astrophotography`, that will be dedicated to the photography of stars and deep-sky objects. I already added a few photos there, but more will come.

    Here is a random photo taken from my photography portofolio. Photo is from July 2011. It is taken from the Norway-Bodø section of my portofolio, and shows a cabin by a lake (Garsvannet) in Breivika. It is a place I used to do my fishing  (rainbow-trout) in the summer-seasons when young, and I somehow came to remember it today, writing this post from Indonesia.

    Garsvannet lake, Breivika, Bodø, Bodoe, Fishing, fiske