Kelud Volcano, East-Java – 16th July 2019


The crater lake of Kelud reappeared in the first year after the 2014 eruption, were the previous lava dome once stood. The lava-dome back then almost covered the whole lake area, and had displaced most of its water few years prior to the eruption. The lava dome was completely destroyed in the 2014 eruption. Since my last visit to Kelud in 2016, its seems that the lake have turned yellow-orange, from previously having a green color (see image comparison below). More vegetation can also be seen in the area surrounding the lake, as should be expected. Most of the vegetation, if not all, were destroyed in the 2014 eruption.

Kelud comparison between December 2016 with 16th July 2019.


Important Note:

This is my personal notes, and should not be considered as Official information regarding the volcano or its activity. For updated information and official statements on the volcanic activity of Kelud Volcano, visit the Indonesian authorities website MAGMA Indonesia. and Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation`(PVMBG) and BMKG – Indonesian Agency for Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics. On Twitter (@id_magma , @vulkanologi_mbg and @infoBMKG)


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1. Western flank of Kelud. The summit crater walls can be seen in the background.
2. Summit crater lake.
3. The lake once again reappeared in the summit crater after the 2014 eruption.
4. The crater seen from the West. Sumbing, a old lava-dome can be seen to the right in this photo.


21. Sumbing, a old lava-dome located on the W side of the summit.
22. Sumbing lava dome.
23. Sumbing lava dome.
24. Sumbing lava dome.
25. Sumbing lava dome.
26. Sumbing lava dome.
27. Summit of the Sumbing lava dome.
28. Summit of the Sumbing lava dome.
29. Looking down from the Sumbing lava dome.